Program for one- on -one development .......5 women only.......with sessions designed for your specific needs and wants

Intuitive Insights with Debra Debow

An exclusive program designed for individual

one- on -one growth and expansion of 6TH SENSE skills


*energized * inspired * fortified*nourished*


  *Feel confident and clear with individual private sessions designed around your needs and wants in the area of psychic-6th sense skill development.

*Move forward with clarity and confidence in your 6th sense abilities *Magnify your strengths * Expand your knowledge


What does exclusive mean ?

  It means a program with 5 spaces(women) only, in order that you receive individual attention and  rich mentorship and growth in areas you are aware of while igniting those that may be dormant.

How is this program different than the Debow 6th SENSE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM?

The INTUITIVE INSIGHTS program is designed to be VERY specific to your needs,your individual stages of growth and what you want to develop.

The Debow 6th sense Development is a group so offers a group feeling and sharing as a group.

The individual program can be a fit for you if you want to have a FOCUS of study or a goal in the 6th sense area.




What kinds of things can we work on?

It can be a 101 program, an advanced program or a specific focus program such as psychic safety,empath skills , developing the clairs or energy healing awareness.

We can develop a healing “practice “ that is individual to you.

We can work on developing a psychic business.

IT is up to you! We will meet and make an outline just for you!


Who is this for?

Healers*retreat organizers*practitioners of energy and other healing*wellness workers*explorers*those “new to Teachers*workshop leaders*those awakening to their gifts and skills*


Psychic empowerment is a continuous process

of growth and self discovery.

As you become we become aware of our boundless power within.

You can unleash inner resources to enhance your life ! This empowerment can add greater meaning to our live..


Things we can explore and magnify:   *psychic tools such as cards,pendulum,skrying *techniques* *meditations *astral travel* The Clairs..Clarivoyance,audience,cognizance,aulionce, *psychic safety and grounding * empathy empowerment *using your skills for self,family and community * starting a practice *meditation *guided meditation* *organizing a workshop *connection to guides and angels * connection and relationship to SOURCE * sorting out the intuitive voice * seeing auras *sacred symbols *sacred gemometry *drumming sacred symbols *The chakra system *energy projection *ethics *dream interpretation *past lives *telepathy * reprogramming beliefs..     *I cannot cover palmistry or astrology as I know very little


WHAT I REQUIRE FROM YOU: 1)*Commitment to the full 6 sessions ( no refund if you miss) but session notes available to YOU).

You caannto change part way through and say`` Ì want my remainder of funds to go to something else

2)*Commitment to your time we set weekly or bi weekly( no day changes or time changes)

3)* Doing `home`work..PRACTICE and effort = further magnification ( I don’t want to hear òh I never had time``) Home work will be about 10 minutes a day to start then go to 20

4)openness and honesty .I will give the same


5) adhering to payment /plan plan we agreed on without reminders






as a mentor and guide

IF you have received this document please write and tell me so I can put it in your file. or call 780-752-2491 and we will meet/call to discuss what you want in the program.


Bright blessings and I look forward to crafting a personal program for you