FULL reading*tarot*past life*stone wheel*  $120+ 

deals and combos  $200    for 2 ppl   *$200 for 2 readings  *$290 for 3 **MEGA READ: ALL FOR $350

Payment cash,deposit,interac on line and pay pal..( no cheques or visa)




 Tarot readings..

 using the Sacred CIRCLE deck and different lay outs to get the answers you need or explore where you are at,where you have been and where you are going..

Half of a Full reading is laying out the cards to see what"guidance" says and

 half is writing down your specific questions( aprox 6) as specific as you need.

or you can use a whole reading for questions or general

* career* finance*love*family*health

Gem Wheel reading...this is a family tradition :(Mushwac family ( gyspy) )stone wheel where you choose stomes and crystals from a bag( my stones bag is almost 50 yrs old  ) and lay them in a wheel formation which will outline the same as the cards;.past, present ,future,obstacles..heads up and answers for a full circle.This was taught to me by great and grandmothers( see pic)


Past life read..I will tune into an object you wear daily or by remote viewing and provide you through channle with 4-6 past life glimpses that are useful in this lifetime


 PERSONAL>>Aura/light/energy Sketchs..$150

I will sketch the energetic system( chakra) in your body,around your body and the color and shape of the light bodies to reveal dis-ease,tears,obstacles,strengths,wisdoms,your gifts,connection to Source and more,such as messages

through automatic writing,past life symbols,sacred geometry and your guides may appear.!

This can be done on phone by remote viewing or in person